FILMBASE Unveils L-shaped Holographic Invisible Display at 2024 ISLE Expo

From February 29 to March 2, 2024, the world's largest LED display and LED lighting exhibition was held in Shenzhen, China. The L-shaped Holographic Invisible Display displayed by FILMBASE attracted attention at the exhibition.The Holographic Invisible Display consists of two 2880*3000 mm films.It integrates display chips, control ICs, liquid crystal molecules, heat dissipation systems, and integrated circuits into one. It also has the functions of glass curtain walls, space partitions, 3D transparent displays, and digital curtains. Holographic Invisible Display is super large in size and can be hung seamlessly. It is suitable for building surfaces, partitions, stages and various corners. It can create unique holographic effects and can also achieve aerial 3D naked-eye display.


Holographic Invisible Display can be used in glass partitions, curtain walls, brand promotions, stage effects, store windows, car displays and other scenes, which can visually enhance commercial value and brand influence. The products have broad market prospects and huge profits in application fields such as commercial spaces and luxury stores.

In the past, there was no mature and stable film technology solution for LED transparent film display technology in the industry. The first and second generation film screens could not even be called LED transparent films.FILMBASE has been deeply involved in the field of LED display for 5 years. It has recently conquered the LED film technology and launched Holographic Invisible Display with more than 10 patents, making this product absolutely reliable in raw material selection, production technology, installation and construction, after-sales maintenance and other aspects. 


FILMBASE has more than 100 invention patents and utility model patents. We focus on patent protection to ensure the interests of our partners. We have a strong technical and marketing team, and our business covers R&D, production and international cooperation. Currently, FILMBASE has promoted our products in 81 countries and regions around the world and has established in-depth cooperation with partners in 47 countries. We have established production bases in many countries, and the vast market shows our excellent cooperation potential. Welcome to contact us to inquire about products or become a partner.