What is the size of the FILMBASE team?

FILMBASE has a large and powerful team, with a combined domestic and international marketing team of more than 100 people. In addition, the company has production bases in Shenzhen, Chongqing and Huizhou, and has multiple production locations around the world. The large-scale production and international layout of our products have enhanced FILMBASE's technical strength, market influence and profit margins.

What is the certification status of FILMIBASE products?

FILMIBASE's products comply with many international and domestic safety standards. We hold product certifications from mainstream countries including China's CCC certification, the EU's CE and RoHS certification, the United States' UL and FCC certification, Japan's PSE and the Middle East's CB certification.

Does FILMIBASE pay attention to patent protection? How many patents do you currently have?

FILMBASE attaches great importance to patent protection and currently has more than 100 invention patents and utility patents. This protects core technology and prevents infringement, thereby safeguarding the interests of partners and ensuring success when bidding for projects.

How does FILMBASE meet my unconventional product needs?

Don't worry, FILMBASE will customize a plan for you. In order to meet customers' different needs for screen viewing distance and maximize product effects, FILMBASE will customize the most cost-effective product solutions according to application scenarios, including customized sizes, parameters, and installation solutions.

Is Filmbase a reliable manufacturer?

Yes. Filmbase is committed to providing high quality and reliable products. We strictly control the production process, using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology. You can find the qualification certificate that Filmbase holds here.

How can I check if Filmbase has representatives in my country?

You can find all of our partners here.

What makes Filmbase unique compared to other Smart Film suppliers?

The uniqueness of the Filmbase lies in its focus on the R&D and innovation of smart film products. We not only provide high-quality smart movies, but also continuously introduce new functions and technologies to meet the ever-changing market demands. Our products feature adjustable transparency, excellent privacy protection and blackout effects, while also offering flexible control options and automation.


How clear is FILMBASE Transparent LED Screen?

Transparency of the product varies from 60% to 90%.

How thick is FILMBASE Transparent LED Display?

Transparent LED Display is 12 millimeters thick by defult, but we can customize the thickness to meet your special needs.

What is Ultrathin Transparent Display?

The Ultrathin Transparent Display, also known as Filmbase UTD, is an projection film that employs projector reflection imaging and features a nano-scale photosensitive coating for exceptional transmittance and reflectivity.

How to trim Smart Film products?

If customers need precision cutting for Smart Film, Filmbase provides cutting machines.

Please do not bend or fold the film. Ordinary cutting can be done with scissors or a paper knife. 

When cutting, the blade should be inclined at an angle of 45 degrees to the direction of the reserved film, and the light-adjustable film cannot be cut vertically.

Does your Smart Film have a tinted option?

Yes. it changes from colored non see through (opaque) to tinted see through. It stays colored rather than turning transparent.

How does Filmbase Smart Film work

Smart Film operates by utilizing a special polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, which enables it to switch between opaque and transparent states. When an electrical current is applied, the liquid crystal molecules align, allowing light to pass through and making the film transparent.

Can Smart Film be controlled remotely?

Yes. Filmbase Smart Film can be controlled remotely through various methods such as a wall switch, remote control, smartphone app, or home automation system. This allows for effortless control and customization of privacy settings.

What are the restrictions or precautions when using Smart Film outdoors?

When used in extreme weather conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature or humid environment, the performance of the Smart Film may be affected. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a product that is suitable for the outdoor environment and follow the installation and maintenance guidelines.

How to display videos on Filmbase Transparent LED Screen?

To show the video on the installed Transparent LED Glass Screen, please scan the QR code and follow the tutorial.



How do you pack Transparent LED Display for shipping?

We use customized flight cases to ensure our products arrive in their best condition. 


What should I do if the Smart Glass is damaged after unpacking?

Inform the customer to confirm whether the appearance of the wooden box is damaged, take pictures and leave certificates, take pictures of the unpacking location and the broken glass, and contact the logistics to implement insurance and arrange patching.

Do you provide international shipping services? Which countries or regions can be delivered to?

Yes, we offer international shipping and can deliver products to most countries and regions worldwide. However, delivery to certain countries or regions may not be possible due to different regulations, customs requirements and shipping restrictions. Before placing an order, we recommend that you contact our customer support team to confirm whether we can provide shipping to your destination.

How do Filmbase ship the products?

Filmbase ship goods by FedEx, UPS and HDL by default.

For larger items, we choose to ship them by sea using specialized shipping companies or the logistics provider of the customer's choice.


What preparations are required for the installation of Filmbase Smart Glass?

1) Each piece of glass must be checked before installation. If there are problems such as wrong size, damaged corners, scratches, abrasions, or incorrect quantities, please do not install.

2) Remove residues and other hard objects on the frame.

3) There must be spacers on the window frame, cut the size and quantity according to the manufacturer’s suggestion, and install the standard width and thickness spacers on the window frame. Gaskets can use rubber, wood blocks and other materials to protect the corners and joints from waterproof and gas-proof edge sealing.

4) Before installing the smart glass, make sure that there are outlet holes or slots in the frame, 

pay attention to the connection of the circuit during installation, and operate in full accordance with the installation instructions of the circuit.

5) The glass should be installed vertically during installation, and the protective film must not be torn off.

6) When installing the outer frame after the glass is fixed, pay attention to prevent hard objects from touching the glass or welding sparks from burning the glass.

Can Smart Film be installed on different types of windows or glass surfaces?

Yes, Smart Film can be installed on various types of windows and glass surfaces, including flat windows, curved windows, glass walls and glass partitions, etc. This makes Smart Films very flexible and suitable for windows and glazing structures of various designs and configurations.

Is it possible to install Smart Films on my own, or do I need professional help?

You can contact our professional customer service for installation guidance.

How do I install Smart Film?

You can find the Smart Film installation demo here.

How do I install Transparent LED Screen?

You can find the Transparent LED Screen installation demo here.

Maintenance and Warranty

What is the warranty period of the products?

Filmbase offers a warranty period of 5 years for both Smart Film and Smart Glass.

Additionally, the power supply is covered under a 2-year warranty. 

For policies on other products, please consult customer service.

How to clean Smart Glass products daily?

1) Rusty steel and alkaline substances will damage the glass surface.

2) Never use abrasive cleaners, especially when the glass surface is a reflective coating.

3) After cleaning with a clean, soft cloth dipped in neutral soap or weakly acidic (vinegar) liquid,It must be cleaned immediately with clean water and wiped dry.

What technical support does Filmbase provide?

Filmbase provides corresponding technical support and technical cooperation for the products sold, and guarantees 24/7 technical hotline service.

Filmbase provides online remote free services.

Filmbase also provides engineers with on-site guidance for installation, commissioning, and maintenance. However, customers need to pay for travel, accommodation and other living expenses.

What is the expected lifetime of the products?

Filmbase Smart Film and Smart Glass has an expected lifetime of 10-15 years

Smart Curtains are designed with an expected lifetime of 20 years