Media Glass

FILMBASE Media Glass creates value beyond what you see.

FILMBASE Media Glass, also known as LED Glass and Transparent LED Screen, is not only a display material, but also a leader in shaping future architecture and space design. FILMBASE provides three solutions that fully cover all the spaces you want to display, allowing the space to gain commercial value. The three types of Media Glass can be applied to building curtain walls, shopping mall partitions, hanging and attached to any surface. The adaptability to various occasions makes it the best choice for display, promotion and interaction.

Skyscraper Media Glass

Implant display chips and control software into traditional curtain wall glass, turning the building itself into media display glass. It has multiple functions such as disseminating information, creating value, improving recognition, and enhancing influence.


Luxurious Media Glass

A transparent, heat-free, low-energy-consuming display product that can change the display content at any time within one second. Support human-computer interaction, allowing space and field of view to be unrestricted.