FILMBASE's Switchable Glass Wins Award at Digital Signage Expo 2023

On December 4-5, 2023, DSE (Digital Signage Expo), the largest and longest-running international trade show for digital signage, interactive technologies, and out-of-home networks, took place in Las Vegas, USA. This industry-leading event attracts participants from various sectors such as retail, hospitality, finance, transportation, and public spaces, offering a comprehensive technology showcase and education program.

Among the 200+ exhibitors from the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, France, and China, FILMBASE's innovative product, Switchable Glass (Liquid Crystal Glass), stood out, earning us the Best New Digital Signage Panel award. For buyers from industries such as architecture, design, retail, digital media networks, entertainment, and education present at the expo, Switchable Glass proved to be a versatile glass solution.

FILMBASE Switchable Glass, also known as Liquid Crystal Glass, is a groundbreaking material that combines liquid crystal film with EVA and glass. This unique integration results in a multifunctional and adjustable smart glass that serves as glass, intelligent curtains, projection screens, and more. The innovative technology embedded in Liquid Crystal Glass offers architects and designers unprecedented flexibility in creating dynamic and adaptive spaces. 

FILMBASE's cutting-edge technology is poised to drive new developments in the industry. The integration of liquid crystal film with glass opens up avenues for creating intelligent and responsive environments. The potential applications extend beyond traditional settings, influencing the evolution of interactive and digitally enhanced spaces. As a result, Liquid Crystal Glass not only meets the current demands of modern architecture and design but also propels these fields into a future where innovation and functionality converge seamlessly.

FILMBASE's triumph in the Best New Digital Signage Panel award, is not just a recognition of achievement, but also as proof of the efforts made by FILMBASE in pushing the boundaries of smart glass technology. The award symbolizes the inevitable outcome of combining expertise, vision, and technical prowess, positioning FILMBASE as a leader in shaping the future of intelligent and responsive environments.