FILMBASE Wins "Designer's Choice Brand Award" at the 2024 IDEA-TOPS Awards

On January 11, 2024, the 13th International Space Design Award, IDEA-TOPS Awards ceremony, was grandly held, marking a record-high participation of 7,055 design entries from 73 countries worldwide. The theme for this edition was "Revitalizing Industries through Design." FILMBASE, recognized for outstanding products and brand philosophy, was honored with the 2024 IDEA-TOPS Award for "Brand Recommended by Designers."

Established in 2010, the IDEA-TOPS Awards have become a highly influential design accolade in China, renowned for its professionalism, international scope, and authority, gaining widespread recognition on the global stage. The 13th edition of the awards attracted prominent design firms, renowned architects, and iconic architectural projects, with competition levels comparable to the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize in the United States. Top architecture firms and design entities from the United States, India, Japan, Austria, South Africa, Australia, the Netherlands, and other countries submitted their exemplary works for consideration. A total of 7,055 design entries were received from 73 countries, including first-time participants from the Dominican Republic, Andorra, Cape Verde, Slovenia, and others, showcasing submissions from nationally acclaimed designers or influential design organizations.

As a globally acclaimed design accolade, the IDEA-TOPS Awards brought together distinguished architects, designers, scholars, and entrepreneurs from around the world, featuring 7,712 design entries from 63 countries. In the face of intense competition, FILMBASE stood out for the exceptional product quality and service standards, earning the prestigious title of "Brand Recommended by Designers," a well-deserved recognition.


FILMBASE has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in spatial design, providing endless possibilities for vision and space. Through continuous innovation in Liquid Crystal Glass, LED Glass, and exploration of Smart Glass technology, FILMBASE offers designers a broader creative space. Embracing the principles of sustainable development and utilizing light and shadow, FILMBASE creates unique symbols for modern commercial and residential space design. In the fusion of products and nature, FILMBASE empowers interior and architectural spaces, injecting new vitality into the exploration of sustainable development paths by designers.

The "Brand Recommended by Designers" honor is a testament to the international design community's high regard for FILMBASE's ongoing efforts and innovative spirit. Through innovation in products, categories, and services, FILMBASE not only leads the industry's development trends but also earns widespread recognition from architects, space designers, and clients, establishing itself as an indispensable force in the field of design.