Founder of FILMBASE interviewed by IDEA-TOPS: "Innovation is Our Keyword"

On January 11, the 13th Idea-Tops Awards Ceremony, themed "Design Renewing the Industry," took place at Shenzhen Pullman Hotel. Competing in 23 awards across 5 categories, including urban design, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, and lighting/environment design, 20 global best design awards were presented. This represents the pinnacle of today's architectural design, with outstanding architects, designers, experts, scholars, and government representatives from around the world witnessing the birth of this prestigious global design honor.

FILMBASE received the "Most Recommended Material Brand by Designers" award for the Liquid Crystal Glass and 3D Display Glass products. Mr. Zhu Longshan, FILMBASE's founder, showcased the innovative technology of these products during the "Night of FILMBASE" design event, exploring their application in sustainable green building materials. Diverse images seamlessly shifted on the light-resistant curved 3D display glass, creating a visually stunning scene in the high-end fashion commercial space. This captivating display drew the attention of on-site designers, earning high praise and recognition.


Mr. Zhu Longshan, founder of FILMBASE Company, expressed his joy in co-organizing the 13th Idea-Tops Awards Ceremony with the Idea-Tops team. He emphasized that this event facilitates global communication and sharing with outstanding design institutions and designers. 

Mr. Zhu highlighted FILMBASE's commitment to research and development, allocating 40% of annual profits to create products that contribute to society. Whether it's Liquid Crystal Glass or LED Display Glass, these advancements are applied in green and smart buildings, enhancing vision and spatial possibilities for a more sustainable society.

As the world advances, people's expectations for architecture, space, and media for information transmission have evolved. Light and scenery have become crucial standards for today's architectural and lifestyle quality, while large spaces and expansive views are the pursuits of commercial users. FILMBASE's LED Display Glass represents a transparent, heat-free, and low-energy-consumption display material, garnering favor from top global architects, businesses, and interior designers. It is gradually becoming the mainstream in future architectural and spatial design.


In contrast to traditional display screens that separate from buildings, FILMBASE's developed LED Display Glass seamlessly integrates buildings and display screens. It significantly reduces energy consumption, preserving the original design structure and perspective while avoiding light obstruction. The display effect is also exceptionally good.

Mr. Zhu Positioned FILMBASE as an innovative company, highlighted our commitment to innovation and creation as the foundation of our mission. FILMBASE's future plans involve increased investment to develop products that further contribute to architecture and society.