Chief Executive of Longgang District Government visited FILMBASE

On April 1st, 2024, the co-founders of FILMBASE, Mr. Zhu Longshan and Ms. Yuan Lanlan, met with a delegation led by Mr. Zhang Yuqing, Chief Executive of Longgang  District Government, Shenzhen. The delegation included leaders from the Longgang District Public Works Bureau, Baolong Street, and Longgang Transportation Administration. 


During the meeting, Mr. Zhu Longshan and Ms. Yuan Lanlan presented an overview of FILMBASE's development and expressed gratitude for the long-term support provided by the local authorities. The delegation had the opportunity to experience the charm of FILMBASE products in the showroom, gaining insights into their functionalities. Later, discussions were held regarding potential programs of collaboration in the future.


A significant step is made towards fostering a mutually beneficial partnership between FILMBASE and the Shenzhen municipal government, aimed at advancing innovation and sustainable development in Longgang, Shenzhen. Both parties look forward to contribute significantly to Shenzhen's high-quality development and achieve mutual success through cooperation.