Female Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Women's Federation Visits FILMBASE

On April 9, 2024, a delegation led by Madam Ke Yaqiong, Chairwoman of the Women's Federation, Longgang, Shenzhen, paid a visit to FILMBASE. The visit aims to inspire female entrepreneurship and innovation and promote gender equality while driving economic growth.


During the meeting, Chairwoman Ke Yaqiong expressed her appreciation for the work done by Ms. Yuan Lanlan, co-founder of FILMBASE and outstanding female entrepreneur. She commended Ms. Yuan's dedication and leadership in advancing innovation within the company, noting the significant impact of her contributions and recognizing the prowess of female entrepreneurs in the business world.


Accompanied by Ms. Yuan Lanlan and a group of female employees from FILMBASE, Chairwoman Ke Yaqiong and her delegation toured the product display room, where they learned about the latest product lines of switchable glass, Switchable Film, UTD and Media Glass series, and had an in-depth discussion on developments and innovations of FILMBASE. The Women's Federation delegation expressed appreciation for FILMBASE's achievements in research and development. From groundbreaking research initiatives to revolutionary product designs, the depth and breadth of FILMBASE’s innovation impressed the delegation.


Following her recent accolade as the "March 8th RedFlag Bearer" of Longgang District, at Women's Contributions Recognition and Commemoration of International Women's Day" event, Ms. Yuan Lanlan continues to illuminate the entrepreneurial landscape with her unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit. "In this era of women's empowerment, the 'she-power' across various sectors continues to flourish, serving as a beacon of inspiration for women everywhere. As an entrepreneur, I am committed to leading FILMBASE in the pursuit of innovation and dreams. We will continue to work hard in the field of new materials, increase investment in research and development, and strengthen technological innovation. Through our creative products, we aim to lead the optoelectronics industry towards intelligent and digitized development, inspiring more women to dare to dream and strive for success," said Ms. Yuan Lanlan.


The recognition of Ms. Yuan Lanlan's achievements further solidifies FILMBASE's position as a trailblazer in the industry and highlights the valuable contributions of female entrepreneurs to social and economic progress. Under Yuan’s leadership, FILMBASE remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation, inspiring more women to start their own businesses, and contributing to the development of a dynamic and inclusive society.