• V.30 Train and Go Gym, Hungary

  • ADA-Alumínium Kft., Hungary

  • Ethnographic Museum, Hungary

  • Huawei Branch Office, Bangladesh

  • filmbase-smart-film-project-technology-center-bris

    Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Bristol, UK

  • filmbase-smart-film-project-khipu-netwoks-office-u

    Khipu Netwoks Office, UK

  • filmbase-smart-film-project-villa-colombia

    Celebrity's Villa, Colombia

  • filmbase-smart-film-project-cabin-poland

    Private Cabin, Poland

  • filmbase-smart-film-project-dental-clinic-france

    Paris Dental Clinic, France

  • Shenzhen Culture and Sports Museum, China

  • Yingke Office, China

  • Hockey Headquarters, Canada

  • TME Office, Poland

  • MEN-Dan Hotel Sky Swimming Pool, Hungary

  • Budapest Office Park, Hungary

  • Rock Cuisine Restaurant, Dubai