FILMBASE Collaborates with Shenzhen Technology University in Industry-University Research

On January 24, 2024, FILMBASE and Shenzhen Technology University officially signed an industry-university research collaboration agreement. This collaboration signifies a deepened partnership in the field of scientific research, contributing to the innovative development of new materials and new energy. Professor Xiao from Shenzhen Technology University attended the signing ceremony, injecting additional professional wisdom and experience into the collaboration.


Shenzhen Technology University is dedicated to promoting industry-academia research collaboration, providing cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to industries through academic research. Additionally, the university boasts strong research capabilities in the field of new materials and new energy, earning a prestigious academic reputation. FILMBASE expresses confidence in this collaboration and looks forward to both parties leveraging their respective strengths to achieve mutual success in future endeavors.


FILMBASE anticipates making significant breakthroughs in collaboration with Shenzhen Technology University, injecting more innovative energy into the development of new materials and new energy. Together, we aim to drive technological innovation, industrial advancement, and contribute to the sustainable development of society.